Communist Party calls for ban on the Chernobyl series in Russia

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The party Communists of Russia claims that Chernobyl can not be issued in Russia and threatens to take legal action.
chernobil series inRussia

Chernobyl is a success, but in Russia the negative repercussions of the HBO miniseries do not stop. After the government criticized it, a fraction of the Communist Party asks for its prohibition and that a lawsuit be filed against Craig Mazin, the creator of the fiction, and the producers.

According to the Slash Film site, The Communists of Russia, a Marxist-Leninist party separate from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, claims that Chernobyl can not be issued in Russia and threatens to take legal action for a violation of Article 129 of the Russian Criminal Code.

That article prohibits “the dissemination of deliberately falsified information that denigrates the honor and dignity of another person or undermines their reputation” in “a public discourse or in a publicly interpreted work”.

According to The Wrap site, that party issued a statement qualifying the miniseries of “ideological manipulation of HBO.” The text, signed by Sergey Malinkovich, adds: “The series on the dramatic events of 1986 is an ideological tool designed to defame and demonize the image of the Soviet government and people.”

And he continues: “Although the chronology of events and key moments correspond to reality, the actions of heroes and the order of relations between institutions and collectives and, finally, the moral climate in Soviet society, are the first example of an absolute lie “.

The Communists of Russia claim to have submitted an application to the Roskomnadzor, the body that regulates Russian television, to ban the miniseries, of great popularity in the country. Those responsible for the entity said they have not yet received the formal request, but if they do, they will analyze it and respond “as stipulated by law.”

According to The Moscow Times, the Russian government launched a “mini-crusade” against the series. One of the points is the development of its own series on the nuclear disaster, to be broadcast on the state channel NTV.

Starring Jared Harris, Emily Watson and Stellan Skarsgard, Chernobyl is based on the disaster in the 1986 nuclear reactor. And it shudders as much for the rawness of its images as in the historical setting.

The miniseries has, over five hours, one of the most serious nuclear disasters of the twentieth century, which affected Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Scandinavia and western Europe. To do so, choose two axes on which he focuses his narrations.

One is the epic struggle – and then silenced – of firemen and collaborators, with a death destination marked by working in the area. And the attempts of the authorities and bureaucrats of the former Soviet Union to hide the dimension of the disaster. This last point is the one that is causing urticaria in Russia.

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