VIDEO: The moving defense of a 96-year-old man accused of speeding (and forgiven by the judge)

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The defendant was taking his 63-year-old disabled son and cancer patient to have a blood test when he committed the traffic offense.
The moving defense of a 96-year-old man accused of speeding - TheMiamiNews

A Providence municipal court judge (Rhode Island, USA) forgave a 96-year-old man accused of speeding near a school. The old man, visibly worried, said that when it happened he was taking his disabled son to the doctor’s office as part of his cancer treatment.

Upon hearing the circumstances of the infringement, Judge Frank Caprio dismissed the charges against Victor Coella. The defendant said that he only drives when necessary and on this occasion he took his disabled son, 63, to the blood tests that should be done every two weeks because of the disease he suffers

“I don’t drive so fast, judge. I’m 96 years old and I drive slowly, and I only drive when I have to,” Coella said before explaining her situation.

After his statement, the togado told him that he was a good man and dictated his ruling: “Listen, sir, I wish you all the best. I wish your son the best and wish him good health. His case is dismissed. Good good luck and may God bless you. “

The audience is part of the television program ‘Caught in Providence’ (‘Caught in Providence’, in Spanish) starred for several years by the veteran judge Caprio and in which real cases of the town are exposed. The video posted on YouTube has exceeded 60,000 views and the scene has gone viral on social networks.

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