The Dogs take the seats at the Miami Film Festival

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The dogs were this weekend the audience of the Canine Film Festival of Miami, which screened short films whose protagonists, as it could not be otherwise, are animals, and there were also parades, yoga or an elaborate "brunch" that enjoyed together with their owners.
canine film festival of miami

The second edition of this peculiar film festival has the mission of collecting funds for animal rescue associations and adoptions and shelters of South Florida.

Up to a hundred dogs are expected to be concentrated yesterday at the screen of the Cinépolis Movie Theater in the Miami neighborhood of Coconut Grove; those of greater dimensions seated in the armchairs and the smallest ones in the lap of their owners.

“We only ask that the puppies be well educated. Keep quiet and watch the movie. When something funny happens on the screen some dogs bark. It’s very funny, “the festival’s director, Laly Albalate, told Efe.

Documentaries, comedies and dramas of no more than 10 minutes were screened, although one always runs the risk of falling asleep at the cinema if the day has been long and dogs are no exception.

“Last year there was a French bulldog puppy who spent all his time snoring,” recalls Albalate of a scene that made the whole room laugh. Before surrounding themselves with the smell of popcorn, the dogs parade like a Hollywood star through the festival’s red carpet, attend journalists and make contacts with the filmmakers present.

After a panel discussion with the directors of the shorts, the cinephile day focuses on productions from different states, such as New York or California, and entitled “Best Friend”, “Lou”, “The Pawfect Plan” or “Love Unleashed” .

It is necessary a recess of 15 minutes so that the dogs can aerate momentarily, although if laziness takes over their master, one of the collaborating companies of the event offers to take a walk in the can.

This quote was born of Laly Albalate’s passion for dogs and cinema.

Throughout the year and under the motto “Turn your dog into a star”, the founders of the festival organize selection processes to determine which dog deserves to be the image of the festival promotion.

“There are many dogs that do nothing, but even so they are so beautiful that the camera loves them,” explains the director.

The opportunity to go to the cinema with your dog is not over this weekend, as this Coconut Grove cinema encourages the second Tuesday of each month to let your audience discover the best releases of the billboard with the best partner of man.

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