He made $ 5 million of dollars… And it was not in the lottery!

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Not only with the lottery can one person become a millionaire from one day to the next. At least it is not the case of Tony Miles who became a millionaire this Sunday.
poker league

Tony Miles earned $ 5 million when he finished his participation in the biggest poker competition in the world.

That turn in his life was possible thanks to the World Series of Poker that was held in Las Vegas. This championship attracted more than 7,800 players and had a record of 123,838 participants this year, surpassing last year’s which had 120,995.

Tony Miles, 32 years old and resident of Lake Mary, in central Florida, was runner-up. “I will be honest, I am sure that I will be very happy to be able to help my family and make some trips and some things that I have wanted to do for a long time. It’s truly a blessing to be here, “Miles told PokerNews.com after the tournament ended.

Miles, who attended the University of North Florida, had earned $ 18,000 and occupied third place in the WPT Summer Series in Jacksonville.

With information from El Nuevo Herald

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