Dueling funny: new viral challenge of Summer 2019

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New viral challenge of summer 2019 in networks and also in the street.

New viral challenge of summer 2019 in networks and also in the street: It’s very simple, they throw the gun at us and we just have to pick it up and start shooting. Authentic water wars against strangers and anywhere in the city.

It is the new challenge of summer. Those affected say that at least, this challenge is “very fun” especially on hot days. But this is not the only challenge in which you interact with people.

We changed the gun for mobiles because in whatsapp we can find our “number neighbor”. This challenge is to save your phone number in your mobile phonebook but changing the last number, that is, if your number ends in 43 you will have to save it finished in 4 or 3. Once saved, you must send a message to that contact .

Another challenge that has been viralized is to open a bottle of a kick, this is the one that triumphs in social networks. More than one has tried and the secret to achieve it is to have good technique.

The actor Jason Stathan made it fashionable, in fact his video, already accumulates more than 22 million views.

Many celebrities have followed him, though, yes, each in his own style: the model Kendall Jenner brushes the impossible and Mariah Carey pulls vocal cords.

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