An Italian trapped 27 hours in an elevator: the wine saved her life

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The woman spent more than a day alone with a box full of bottles of wine in the clogged elevator, while in the streets of Padua it was more than 30 degrees. He gave himself to the drink just to survive.

Photo taken from the Italian site

A 50-year-old resident of Padua left her home, located in the heart of the Italian city, on Friday morning to take to the basement “a box of wine and other things.” However, she was trapped in the elevator and spent 27 hours there waiting for help, reports the local newspaper Corriere del Veneto.

The broken elevator lacked the emergency button and, to make matters worse, the woman did not have her mobile with her. She tried to shout for help repeatedly, but no one heard her, not even the cleaning lady, who had come to her house that day.

The thermometers went off while on the street more than 30 degrees. The elevator warmed up. In order not to die of dehydration, the woman broke the neck of one of the bottles at hand and began to drink the only liquid there was (local media do not need to know if it was red or white). Drinking some wine seemed at that moment the only way to survive.

The help arrived only the next day. The daughter of the trapped woman was alarmed because her mother did not answer the phone and went home.

Upon hearing the screams, he called the fire department, which finally rescued the affected. The woman did not require medical assistance: once released, she took a shower and drank plenty of water.

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