Why are rumors going on that Trump wants to buy Greenland?

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After reports that Trump mentioned the idea of ​​the United States buying Greenland, the government published a brief statement to clarify that it is not in the market.

The Greenland government said Friday that they are satisfied that President Donald Trump is interested in the United States buying that semi-autonomous Danish territory, but said it is not for sale.

After reports that Trump mentioned the idea of ​​the United States buying Greenland, the government of that island located between the Atlantic and Arctic oceans published a brief statement to clarify that it is not in the market, AP said.

That expression “we see it as an expression of greater interest in investing in our country and in the possibilities we offer,” the Greenland government said on its website. “Of course, Greenland is not for sale,” he said.

Lars Loekke Rasmussen, who served as Danish Prime Minister until June, talked about the idea on social networks and tweeted that “it must be a joke on April Jokes Day” and that it was “totally” out of season.


Why Donald Trump wants to buy Greenland?

1. It is the largest island in the world

Greenland is in the North Atlantic and is three times the size of Texas in the US: it covers more than 2.1 million square kilometers, according to the Encyclopedia Britannica. It is recognized for its glaciers and two thirds of the island are in the Arctic Circle.

2. Government and inhabitants

The population of Greenland is 57,000 citizens, and three quarters of them live in Nuuk, the capital. Its official language is Greenlandic and its currency is the Danish crown.

Life expectancy at birth, according to 2017 data cited by the Encyclopedia Britannica, is 69.1 years for men and 73.5 years for women. The population literacy rate is 100%.

The island is part of the kingdom of Denmark, but has its own government. Thus, the head of the State is the Danish queen, Queen Margarita II, and the heads of the Government are the high commissioner of Greenland, Mikaela Engell and the prime minister of Greenland, Kim Kielsen

3. What does Greenland produce?

The economy of the island is based on fishing and according to the Encyclopedia Britannica, seal hunting was once the focus of its economy, but declined in the twentieth century. Now Greenland fishing, canning and freezing cod, shrimp and others.

According to the Encyclopedia Britannica, since the 1990s, tourism gains have grown significantly. Greenland receives funding from the Danish Government, Britannica explains, and almost half of the workforce works in the public sector.

4. There is a US base in its territory

Greenland is home to Thule Air Base, the US military base. further north, located about 1,200 kilometers above the Arctic Circle and built in 1951.

The radar and the listening post have an Early Warning System for Ballistic Missiles that can warn of incoming intercontinental ballistic missiles and can reach up to thousands of kilometers within Russian territory.

5. It would not be the first time that the US try to buy Greenland

Trump’s attempt would not be the first American effort to buy Greenland. Although President Harry Truman dodged questions about his quest for control in the region, the United States allegedly attempted to buy Greenland in 1946, and in 1867, Secretary of State William Seward showed interest in buying the island.

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