GPDock, first app to reserve marinas of the state of Florida

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GPDock has announced the launch of its first app, available in a free version for iOS and Android, and adds to the boom of technology start-ups in the city of Miami.
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GPDock has announced the launch of its first app, available in a free version for iOS and Android, and adds to the boom of technology start-ups in the city of Miami.

GPDock is the first free 100% digital marine reservation service in Florida, the nautical capital of the United States. “It was designed so that the process of booking a marina is simple and fast,” explains Carlos Courtaux, co-founder and CEO of the platform.

How does it work:

To book a marina

for the navigator, GPDock is the opportunity to reserve a marina in the same way you book a hotel room. With the app, you can access a large database of marinas in the United States and the Caribbean, compare amenities, read reviews from other users and book with just one click, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Additionally, GPDock offers you the possibility to pay for gas and other services from the same app.

For commercial marinas

it is the simplest way to ensure a high occupancy rate. From the platform of GPDock to Dock Masters, they can take and manage their reservations, access all kinds of information about their customers and charge instantly at any time of the year, from their cell phones.

GPDock already has around 100 marinas subscribed in South Florida and more than 70 in The Bahamas (Abaco, Bimini, Eleuthera Freeport and Nassau). But this is just the beginning. The company is proactively recruiting more marinas at other water destinations on the East Coast of the United States. The objective, in the medium term, is to have more than 500 before the end of summer.

“We created GPDock because we wanted to combine two of our passions: life on water and technology. We discovered that every time we planned a boat trip, looking for a marina was extremely complicated and basically a waste of time, “explains Courtaux. «Several sectors – for example, Hospitality and Transport – have transformed their manual processes into technological solutions. Why not go in the same direction in the nautical industry ?, added Nicolás Posselt, co-founder and COO. While the boats are getting smarter and the number of fans is growing steeply, only 10% of the marine reserves are digitally made, versus 85% in the Tourism sector. “Our goal, with this platform, is to change this statistic,” concluded Posselt.

Since its launch, GPDock has raised $ 500,000 in capital and expects a second round of investment in the coming weeks, which will allow it not only to improve its operation, but also to expand to the rest of the world.

Technical specifications

  • Available for iOS and Android
  • Data encryption system
  • E-wallet
  • Simple interface and navigation
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Search function and filters within the platform
  • Suggestions, ratings and reviews from other users
  • Social experience: possibility to interact and share information with other users within the platform
  • Compatibility with other marine reserve platforms

About GPDock

GPDock is an American company founded by the entrepreneurs Carlos Courtaux and Nicolás Posselt, both with more than 15 years in the aeronautical and tourism industry. It is the first 100% digital marine reservation system in the state of Florida, which allows users to search and reserve marinas at the time they choose, any day of the year.

For more information visit www.gpdock.com.

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