New global flaw detected in social networks Facebook and Instagram

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New global flaw was detected in social networks Facebook and Instagram by various users of different countries in United States and Latin America.

This Sunday, Facebook and Instagram social networks returned to present failures, thus it was reported by various users located in different countries, mainly in Latin America and in the United States, through the DownDetector portal.

Again the social network Twitter was used by thousands of Internet users to report that Facebook and Instagram were not working.

Failure reports have hampered activities for millions of users. Video, photographs and other publications were affected by this new fall.

Among the problems presented by Internet users were that they could not enter their Instagram and Facebook accounts.

Others reported that they could not make publications or send photographs.

Several users from Mexico, Venezuela, Chile and Brazil stated that the Facebook app gave them an error when they wanted to log in.

In Colombia, Argentina, Costa Rica and Peru, they asserted that they could not enter Facebook, and if they were using the application at the time of updating, they would not let them do it.

As for Instagram, Internet users indicated that they published but could not save the information.

The majority of users who raised their complaints about Facebook and Instagram at DownDetector are located in Latin America.

Source: Miami Diario

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