The enrollment period for Obamacare 2020 health insurance is approaching

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The Enrollment Period to get health coverage by 2020 or change your plan is just around the corner. As of November 1, you have 45 days to make sure.
obamacare 2020

Obamacare medical insurance saw the light in 2010 with a fundamental objective, to be able to provide a health service to all citizens of the country with affordable prices. After nine years of service, Obamacare has enrolled more than 20 million people nationwide.

How does the Obama plan work?

This insurance works through a subsidy granted by the government to those who need an insurance policy and do not have enough income to hire one. This system guarantees an improvement in health services because anyone who wants a policy can obtain it through an application process. In this process, the state determines the price to be paid for Obamacare insurance.

Requirements to qualify for Obamacare

It is important that you become familiar with the requirements to qualify for Obamacare. Learn what is needed for Obama Care, and how to qualify.

To qualify for Obamacare you must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • Have a legal immigration status in the United States.
  • Minimum Income
  • Do not be jailed.
  • Apply during the Open Enrollment Period, or if you qualify for a Special Period, do so within the established limits.
  • If married, they must file the tax return together.
  • It cannot be claimed as a dependent of another person.
  • You should not have medical coverage through your employer

Minimum income to qualify for Obamacare insurance

One of the requirements to qualify for Obamacare is to have a minimum annual income. Individuals and families may be eligible for Obamacare if the annual household income is between 100 and 400 percent of the federal poverty line. These parameters are established each year by the Federal Government according to family size.

Family size is all people who are included in your tax return. It is usually you, your spouse and your children under 26.

For the year 2019 these are the figures:

 12,060 (100%) up to $ 48,240 (400%) for an individual
 16,240 (100%) up to $ 64,960 (400%) for a family of two
 24,600 (100%) up to $ 98,400 (400%) for a family of four

What is the Obamacare income chart?

This table shows the income that qualifies for Obamacare, according to the number of people in a family. It is also known as the federal poverty table. The Federal Government creates it every year to assign each individual or family a subsidy to help pay for their medical insurance.

The column above reflects the number of people in the family nucleus (with whom you file the tax return). People who apply with you for the federal subsidy.

The one below shows which category of the Obamacare income chart you belong to. This tells you how much you have to declare in taxes to qualify for Obamacare.

The maximum number of people reflected is 8, if your Household or family nucleus is greater, you must add an amount of money for each person you add.

Obamacare revenue table in 2019

Annual income ranges between $ 12,140 for one person and a maximum of $ 42,380 for families of up to 8 members. The table below specifically shows the federal subsidy for which you qualify. This way you can buy your health insurance in the Medical Insurance Market.

If you have doubts or questions, contact us and we can gladly help you.

Agencies to apply to Obamacare in Miami

Currently, the medical insurance market in Florida is experiencing difficult times. All this due to the presidential proposal to eliminate Obamacare. However, the foundations are still strong against any Republican storm.

If you already have the necessary documentation you can visit the agency Dulcinea Insurance. This way you can start the application process. You can also contact us by phone 786.910.9487 where one of your agents will be happy to assist you.

The Dulcinea Insurance Agency provides full protection to your family through Obamacare health insurance or private insurance. Analyze, reflect and take out your accounts. If you intend to make any request or apply on another date, we invite you to visit the Obamacare office of the Dulcinea Insurance Agency in Miami.

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