Trump postpones two weeks the raids against undocumented immigrants

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On Friday, media reports citing sources say Sunday morning Immigration begins to stop immigrants in 10 cities. Trump changes the signal this Saturday.

On Friday, media reports citing sources from the Department of Homeland Security say Sunday morning Immigration and Customs Enforcement begins to stop immigrants in 10 cities.

The president changes the signal this Saturday at the request of the Democrats.

President Donald Trump announced on his Twitter account on Saturday that he would delay for two weeks the massive raids.

“The process of removing illegal immigrants (deportation) was delayed for two weeks to see if Democrats and Republicans can meet and seek a solution in the asylum and problems on the southern border, otherwise respond to deportations! “, he wrote on his Twitter account.

The president reversed his measure after the beginning of the week threatened the “millions” of people correctly expelled from the United States.

The news comes a day after sources from the Department of Homeland Security confirmed that the immigrant detention operation – known as “Operation Family” – would begin in 10 cities in the country. That included Atlanta, Baltimore, Chicago, Denver, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, New Orleans, New York and San Francisco.

They had said it would last several days and that with him they would arrest up to 2,000 families.

In them, most sanctuary cities, some of their authorities had already assured that their police would not cooperate with ICE nor carry out tasks that are the responsibility of the federal authorities.

In the case of Chicado, its mayor Lori Lightfoot even ordered the police to block the federal agency’s access to its databases.

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