Donald Trump officially launched his campaign for reelection in Florida

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Trumo claimed to have achieved the "lowest unemployment rate in history", thus converting the US economy into "the envy of the world."

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US President Donald Trump launched his campaign for reelection in the presidential elections in Florida on Tuesday in Florida, premiering the slogan “keep the greatness of the US” and ensuring that the economy of his country is the “envy” of the world.

“2016 was not just another election: it was a turning point in the history of the United States,” Trump said in Orlando. “It turned out to be, more than a political campaign, a great political movement, thanks to you!”

After greeting the state of Florida as his “second home,” which “sometimes I think is the first,” he addressed the people “who love their country, love their flag and love their children, and know that a nation he must take care of his own citizens first. “

The president invited the public – some 20,000 people, the capacity of the Amway Center – to Washington DC on July 4 to celebrate the independence day of the United States. And he announced that the meeting in Orlando was a good time to choose “the motto of this campaign.”

Make America Great Again, the emblematic slogan of the president in 2016) is probably the most important motto in history. We are in the country MAGA. Keep America Great seemed a more appropriate alternative. “Let’s vote,” he proposed to the public.

The Trump campaign began in Florida not only because, like New York, it is one of the places where it usually lives, but because it is one of the states that -like Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, in 2016, and possibly Iowa, Ohio and Arizona next year- define which candidate will win in the Electoral College.

The 29 votes that the state contributes to the election of the president are crucial to obtain the 270 that are needed to reach the White House. While Trump’s support is more in rural areas and in the south, which has a strong republican influence among the large population of Cuban-Americans, he chose Orlando precisely because it is a democratic bastion.

He also confronted the Democrats about the wall on the border with Mexico, which he said is already under construction: “We are going to have more than 400 miles (almost 650 kilometers) completed next year.” The wall is going well, moving quickly. I changed the design: it’s tougher, bigger, better and cheaper, much cheaper, it had to be done: they did not give me the money, “he said ironically.


He criticized the “broken system” of migrations and the “sanctuary cities” that allow the residence of people without documents, while he celebrated the work of border agencies and promised to continue “deporting criminals, stopping human trafficking” with a view to creating “an modern immigration system, based on merit. “

On international political issues, he confirmed the support of the United States to the Venezuelan people against Nicolás Maduro (“Thanks, Marco!”, Distinguished Senator Marco Rubio, one of the promoters of the issue) and Israel, criticized Iran and brushed against the negotiations with China and Mexico.

He again assimilated the Democratic Party with socialist policies and claimed freedom as a concept of the republicans. “In 2020 a vote for the Democrats will be a vote for radical socialism and the destruction of the American dream,” he harangued.

After an hour and a half of speech, Trump closed with a mention of the republican ideas and the national motto, “In God we believe.” He said that “driven by these values ​​we obtained the victory two years ago”, with the vote of “people who feared that their children would not have the opportunities they had”.

His triumph, he said, consolidated “self-government and self-determination” of “the greatest nation on the surface of the Earth.” He asked for “the help, love and devotion of the voters” to “keep it that way”.

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