Sargasso seaweed in Miami Beach: a call to the authorities

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The people of the city of Miami Beach are tired of the invasion of the sargasso seaweed in the area and are demanding that the authorities take measures to eliminate them.

People of the city of Miami Beach are tired of the invasion of the sargasso seaweed in the area. They are demanding that the authorities take measures to eliminate them.

The problem of global warming reached the beaches of Miami Beach, due to the increase in the temperature of the Atlantic Ocean, sargassum algae are reproducing in an alarming way. Now they are on the coast of South Florida and the Caribbean Sea, explained miaminewtimes.com.

Sargassum algae when they were in a natural ecosystem were safe for marine life. They even gave a habitat to sea turtles, now they are reproducing with great speed and is destroying the natural ecosystem.

These algae entangle the turtle hatchlings and do not let sunlight reach the coral reefs. They also irritate the skin of humans, aggravate asthma attacks and have bacteria that emit a terrible stench that drives tourists away from the beach.

algae sargasso in miami beach

What do the authorities say about the sargasso seaweed in Miami Beach?

For the former Miami Beach Commissioner, Kristen Rosen Gonzalez, sargasso seaweed has become a public health problem because people “are living and breathing in the algae.” He believes that the bacteria it contains is causing a public health crisis “as serious as Zika.”

Maria Nardi, the director of the Miami Dade parks department, said that to remove the sargasso algae from the 15 miles of beaches in the county should be invested-the first year-35 million dollars. The daily removal would cost 45 million dollars annually, used tractors.

The people of Miami Beach who attended the meeting indicated that despite the cost and logistics. The county authorities should eliminate the algae, as it is not only detrimental to the citizens living in the area but it also terribly affects the tourism, because due to the seaweed sargasso many hotels and travel sites are saying that they do not approach those beaches.

Miami Dade Environmental Health Director Samir Elmir said that Sargassum is not the cause of infections. Even though they may have microbes or bacteria that can cause respiratory problems.

For its part, the director of Miami Waterkeeper, Rachel Silverstein, reported that the environmental group studies the high levels of bacteria in the water. She indicated that they still do not know if the bacteria are directly related to the sargassum, but what if it is safe that where there are more bacteria there is sargasso.

Watch out: we recommend to the tourists and the inhabitants do not swim near the sargasso. The meeting culminated with the approval of a resolution to find solutions to eliminate sargassum from the most critical areas of the city.

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