Cuban teenager dies for lost bullet in a Miami restaurant

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After a fight between two groups of men, the 16-year-old girl received a stray bullet from Aero Squadron.

Miami-Dade County Sheriff’s Office on Tuesday asked the community to help clarify the murder of a 16-year-old Cuban girl, who died early Sunday in the parking lot of a Miami restaurant.

Hurt by the tragedy that killed the life of Ana Lauren Alvarez Hernandez, family and friends last night at a funeral home in Hialeah dismissed the teenager shot dead early in the morning in the parking lot of the 94 Aero Squadron, a restaurant located at 1395 northwest and 57 avenue.

A person close to the family who did not want to appear on camera confirmed through photographs the identity of the victim, who would have arrived in Miami from Cuba about two years ago.

According to police sources, Ana Lauren was in the parking lot of the restaurant when a fight broke out between two groups of men, someone took out a gun and fired, this several times. As a result a stray bullet wound up reaching the victim.

A friend took her in her car to a nearby hospital, where she was pronounced dead by the doctors who treated her on arrival.

So far the authorities have not made any arrests related to the incident that left a Cuban family living in South Florida without one of its members.

The Miami-Dade Police Department is in charge of the investigation and asks the community for help to obtain more information. If you know something, you can communicate anonymously with the crime line, through 305 471 8477.

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