This explains everything: Main mistakes that hinder your diet

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You already decided that it is time to exhibit a slender and healthy sculpture. You started doing a diet and attending the gym, but you do not see the results yet or what you have achieved is very different from what you expected. This probably has to do with your diet.
errors in the diets

Scott Herman, personal trainer, explains to Vix portal that not getting results can make us give up our exercise plan and that is often related to food. Evaluate that this is not happening to you:

Lunch time
at a time close to your training could ruin your progress. It can go from dreaming to making you feel much heavier than usual, because your body is trying to digest food. The best time is usually 90 minutes to two hours before the exercise.

What to eat before training
The ideal food for those who exercise is composed of proteins and complex carbohydrates, for example: chicken and potatoes. If you need to eat immediately before training (about 30 minutes) look for simple carbohydrates, such as bananas.

Program changes
If you are getting results, even if they are slow, there is no reason to leave your training and nutrition program to change it for another. Measure your progress every three months to see if you really need to change or not.

 You do not plan your meals
Everything you consume in the day should be planned so that it is an intake commensurate with your weight and what you want to achieve in terms of muscle mass. If you do not make your meals with time and you spend your time improvising you will not achieve your goals, warns the coach.

You do not eat enough
If you do not eat enough calories, your muscles will not grow, no matter how many times a week you do weights. It is vitally important that you feed in a controlled manner and that you calculate the proteins you need.

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