Orange County on alert for the worst measles outbreak in the US

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The United State is going through the worst sampling outbreak of the past 27 years.

The Orange County Health Department is on permanent alert because the country is going through the worst sampling outbreak of the past 27 years. Now, there is a high risk in the area.

The epidemiologist of the Orange County Health Department, Nicole Castro, specifically that measles represents a permanent risk.

Orange is one of the 25 most vulnerable counties to a sampling outbreak in the United States. The recommendation of the Department of Health is that the whole family be vaccinated against the virus.

The epidemic say, “The reason we have seen an increase in cases is because there are unvaccinated people who travel abroad and transmit the virus to the United States.”

Castro says there is a 95% vaccination rate in Orange, including that there are currently no sampling cases in this county. But two people with the virus were reported in Florida.

At a national level, 1,164 cases detected in 30 states have been confirmed. It means that there was an increase of 16 cases in the last week. Doctors recommend getting vaccinated to avoid measles.

It should be noted that measles is a very contagious virus that can sometimes cause death. This disease affects the lungs and respiratory tract, its symptoms are cough, fever and skin rash.

Source: Miami Diario

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