Five mistakes that prevent you from losing weight

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With this post yoy will know five mistakes that prevent you from losing weight: Consumes alcohol at the weekend, eat very fast, weekend weekend, you do not eat enough vegetables and you are stressed or you do not sleep enough. Read more...
Secrets to lose weight

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You may have been trying to lose weight for some time and you are wondering why you do not get it. When this happens, many times we look for the easy option and we think that “it must be that I have not found the right supplement to help me lose fat” or “it will be like a lot of fruit that has sugar”.

However, The Men’s Health Nutrition Blog recommends reviewing some aspects:

1. Consumes alcohol at the weekend:

Alcoholic beverages, apart from not being recommended for your health, add extra calories that do not provide any interesting nutrients. If you want to lower your weight and fat percentage, these extra calories in liquid form will not help you. How much less alcohol better.

The recommendation is to change the strongest alcoholic beverages for wine or beer, and propose to make a reduction in half, at least if at the beginning it seems too much to eliminate it totally.

2. Eat very fast:

Eating too fast can cause your brain to not receive signals of the satiety hormones that your stomach is sending in time, so you end up eating more than necessary. Eating slowly can reduce your energy intake and make you feel more satisfied when finished.

In addition, eating slowly influences the number of times we chew. When chewing we increase our level of satiety and therefore reduce the calories we eat.

3. Weekend weekend

According to a study published in 2003 in the Obesity Society, American adults consume 115 kcal / day plus weekends, especially through fat and alcohol. But the problem, above all, is one of those that surpass the average in an abysmal way. This usually happens because we are being too strict during the week.

One solution may be to make your dishes of the week more attractive. The healthy diet is much more than eating salad and grilled chicken.

4. You do not eat enough vegetables:

You may eat at your own pace and even know how to identify your signs of hunger and satiety, but if you do not eat enough vegetables you will probably be consuming more calories than you need. If you want to lose weight (or just eat healthy), your diet should provide low energy density foods and high nutritional density.

That means foods that provide volume and quality nutrients and not many calories. The solution is to eat vegetables and seasonal vegetables, and include them in all your meals and dinners as a main course. The recommendation is that vegetables should occupy roughly half of what you are eating.

5. You are stressed or you do not sleep enough:

Chronic stress, sleep problems and the few hours we spend resting make our hormones on alert. The elevation of cortisol, the stress hormone or the increase in feelings of hunger (due to the decrease in leptin) may lead us, among other reasons, to gain weight or prevent us from losing it. In addition, both stress and not sleeping properly can be a danger not only for weight but for health in general.

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