Report reveals that population of Florida grows 900 people per day

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An investigation reveals that more than 300,000 people have moved to Florida annually since 2015. State economists predict that the trend will continue in 2024, according to Wjct.

An investigation reveals that more than 300,000 people have moved to Florida annually since 2015. State economists predict that the population of Florida will continue in 2024, according to Wjct.

The population of Florida, between April 1, 2018 and April 1, 2024, will grow an average of 330,605 residents per year.

The incorporation of 900 new residents in Florida per day is equivalent to adding a city the size of Orlando per year.

The estimate is based on the number of people who move to the state and not since birth, who are compensated with deaths.

According to the report, the population of Florida will increase by more than 21.5 million residents by 2020. In 2024, it will exceed 22.8 million people.

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What do the authorities say about the population of Florida?

Paul Owens, President of 1000 Friends of Florida, said state leaders should avoid destroying the services that attract people to Florida.

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“We have a wonderful climate most of the year, famous beaches, magnificent natural springs, treasures like the Everglades and an outdoor lifestyle that attracts many people,” he said.

He added that “it is ironic that the elements that make Florida so attractive to people are put at risk if we do not handle this influx responsibly.”

Population of Florida. Photo taken from Orlando sentinel

According to Owens, Florida leaders were very committed to growth management when 1000 Friends of Florida was founded 30 years ago.

«That commitment has declined in recent years. This year, Florida lawmakers passed a bill (HB 7103) that made it harder to challenge developers who violate growth management plans.

“This bill makes it harder to enforce primary planning documents in cities and counties,” Owens warned.

Also, he added that such compliance obliges cities and counties to comply with those plans to ensure orderly and well-managed growth.

«1000 Friends of Florida promotes the construction of new homes and businesses in already populated urban areas with access to public services. Putting people in remote areas consumes open land and puts our environmental health at risk, ”Owens said.

According to the state report, Florida will grow 1.53% over the next six years. “Having an Orlando-sized growth a year catches my attention,” according to Owens. “Therefore, reports like this show that it is necessary to be committed to those objectives.”

Source: Miami Diario

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