Florida Pastors Organize the “Making the US Straight Again”

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A Florida church is holding a three-day conference on "Making the US heterosexual again" during Gay Pride Week.

The promotional video of the conference, presented by Orlando Revival Baptist Church in Clermont, shows Pastor Patrick Boyle calling gays “sodomites”.

Also, that video shows them saying: “We have chosen this place and this moment because this is your Gay Pride Week in Orlando And they will be out, proud of what they are and challenging someone to say something, and we will go ahead and take it into account … », reports Noticias Ya.

Boyle says in a clip: “We hate homosexuals around here because God hates them.”

The Lake County Sheriff’s Department in Orlando rejected the church’s request to monitor the event, which begins on Friday, days after the third anniversary of the massacre at the Pulse nightclub that killed 49 people.

“We reject the church’s request to hire private officials paid privately for their event because this pastor believes the government should execute the gay community,” said Lieutenant John Herrell.

The three-day event begins on Friday and a protest against the event was created on Facebook. The protest scheduled for Saturday has 38 people who said they are going with 155 other interested people.

The Lake County Sheriff’s Office rejected a request from Boyle to have officers who are not in service work in safety at the event because the conference disapproves of homosexuals. Boyle does not advocate that private citizens hurt or kill homosexuals, only that society makes homosexuality illegal.

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