210 thousand homes could be under water by 2,100 in Florida

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According to researchers, about 210,000 homes could be flooded in 2100 in the south of the state of Florida. Read more in The Miami News.

Experts have talked a lot about the problem of climate change and how it affects sea level, which has been gradually increasing. According to researchers, about 210,000 homes could be flooded in 2100 in the south of the state of Florida.

Most of the people of Miami know the forecasts about the flooding of the city sooner or later, some plan to make this happen, but other people wonder how much it will cost ?, highlights miaminewtimes.com.

According to new research on the economic impact of climate change in Florida, he considers it to be the state of greatest flood risk by the year 2100.


The study by the real estate database company Zillow and the nonprofit organization Climate Central also estimates that there are 792,226 homes in Miami-Dade and Broward counties – valued at more than 336 billion dollars – They will be at risk.

Moreover, despite the fact that every day that passes more people become aware of the problems caused by climate change and the risks posed to Florida by rising sea levels, investors continue to create housing developments in areas considered at risk such as Miami Beach and South Miami.

According to Zillow senior economist, Cheryl Young, this increase in housing developments is due to the high demand that exists for people who wish to own a beachfront property, without considering the risks of flooding in those areas.

Young says that “people minimize their understanding of things like floods,” he believes that people say: “I know I am in a flood zone, but what are the possibilities?” It is as if they do not seriously consider that situation. That can be reached.


Climate change and floods in Florida

The senior economist at Zillow indicates that the research they conducted presents that by 2050 there is a real risk of flooding.

Young explained that the research conducted jointly by Zillow and Climate Central studied housing construction patterns in areas with high flood risks over the next 80 years. It was concluded that 3.4 million existing homes worth 1.75 billion dollars are in danger of flooding by the year 2100.

Many will think that they don’t care because in 2100 they will be dead, but the study also indicates that thousands of Florida homes, valued at 3.38 billion dollars, are built in areas at risk of flooding by 2050, that is to say Only in 30 years, just the time that lasts – approximately – a mortgage.


Zillow and Climate Central created an interactive map that allows users to establish projections for 2050 and 2100 based on the data if carbon emissions (a major contributor to sea level rise) are deeply reduced, moderately reduced or not control

Young asserts that the Zillow company does not intend to create a political agenda with the report, the idea of ​​the investigation is to give customers a better idea of ​​the risks they face when buying a property in Florida, while the sea level continues to rise as Pollution result.

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