Teen earns $ 3 million by winning the Fortnite video game World Cup

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A teenager won a record $ 3 million prize by proclaiming himself world champion in the Fortnite video game tournament.

An American teenager won a record $ 3 million prize this Sunday by proclaiming himself world champion in the Fortnite video game tournament.

Kyle Giersdorf, 16, was the one who won the solo mode of the tournament, despite not being among the previous pools of favorites.

The event, held this weekend in New York, offered the most prizes in the history of electronic games with a total of US $ 30 million to be distributed among the different winners.


Known in the online world by his nickname ‘Bugha’, Kyle kept laughing and shaking his head when the audience burst into screams after his name was announced as the winner.

The winner told the BBC that he wants to save most of his succulent prize. “All I want is a new desk and maybe one for my trophy,” he said.

The final game was described by experts as a “ridiculous victory”, as the winner played with a smile on his face while defeating his rivals.

The Fortnite World Cup is considered a milestone in the world of electronic games, an industry estimated to reach US $ 1 billion this year.

However, the record he has just reached by offering the biggest prizes is now ready to be surpassed by another event called The International, which will take place in August.

In the Fortnite final held on Sunday, 100 players competed fighting on giant computer screens. More than 30 countries were represented by 70 players.

Previously, 40 million players from around the world tried to qualify for the tournament during ten weeks of online competition.

200 million players


Fortnite is starring 100 characters that are thrown to an island where they have to find weapons, build structures and eliminate each other until a player wins.

It has 200 million registered players worldwide and can be downloaded for free, but participants can spend money on in-game purchases.

It can be played individually, as part of a squad of four people or a team of 20 members, either with friends or strangers.

Last month, its creators were questioned by British parliamentarians about whether game developers, Epic Games, do enough to verify the age of the players or encourage them to take breaks after long periods of play.

In April, Prince Harry asked that Fortnite be banned saying that the game had been “created to be addictive.”

The firm’s legal advisor, Canon Pence, told parliamentarians that Epic Games staff had been “surprised” by Prince Harry’s comment.

Source: BBC Mundo en EspaƱol

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