Venezuelan-American was arrested in Miami for allegedly bribing PDVSA

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A Venezuelan-American businessman was arrested yesterday in the United States for allegedly bribery and conspiring to make “corrupt” payments to a person in charge of the state-owned company Petróleos de Venezuela (PDVSA), the Justice Department said in a statement.


The note explains that José Manuel González Testino, 48, was arrested at the Miami International Airport (USA) in application of an arrest warrant based on a criminal complaint filed in Texas.

Gonzalez appeared on Wednesday before the Court of the Southern District of Florida.

According to the lawsuit, González and an accomplice paid at least $ 629,000 in bribes to a former PDVSA official in exchange for the latter adopting measures to “direct” contracts of the oil company to the detainee’s companies and give priority to the time to receive payments.

According to the complaint, the bribes also served to Gonzalez companies receive contracts in dollars instead of Venezuelan bolivars.

With this arrest, the Department of Justice has announced charges against 17 individuals, of whom twelve have pleaded guilty, in the context of an extensive investigation by the US Government. about alleged bribes in PDVSA.

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