Marco de la O reveals the best of the last season of “El Chapo”

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This week began the final part of the successful production of Univision on the drug lord "El Chapo", which airs at ten o'clock at night on a national level.
last season of "El Chapo"

This week began the final part of the successful production of Univision on the drug lord “El Chapo”, which airs at ten o’clock at night on a national level. “People think they know the story of him, but that’s what this series is for, so that people know the background,” said the protagonist Marco de la O in an interview for Miami Diario.

The third and final season of 13 episodes is about the fall of the greatest drug lord of all time, recreating his capture by the Mexican authorities, his escape from a maximum security prison and, after all, his new detention and extradition. Everything has been taken directly from the headlines that reflect the events between 2009 and 2017.

“It’s complicated when a town like Mexico knows the story, but it’s also funny, because we do not know what he’s capable of, who gave him the plans to escape, who should be out, how extradition comes; and all that they will be able to see in the third season, “said Marco de la O.

The actor, who has even come to have anecdotes in real life due to his great resemblance to El Chapo Guzm├ín, said that it will be difficult to distinguish himself from such a strong character, but “I trust my talent and that I am an actor. I have 20 years in this business and for what corresponds to my career is not going to be difficult, but for those who do casting and producers. But the truth is that there is a Marco that is an actor after the Chapo, you have to prove it and for that I studied, “said the Mexican artist.

Marco would have liked to ask the capo, “what is true and what is a lie“, besides noticing how he talked and walked, to include him in his character and give it to the public. However, he admits that he had to prepare and study hard to play this character.

“What have not I done to get here? I have done everything, but there is always a new character to be done. I thought I had done everything, but it is not true, I was missing a real life character and I was surprised, because it is extremely complicated, “confessed Marco.

For the moment after El Chapo, the actor is ready to play comedy, “although he has a bad face,” he admitted.

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