Filmmaker Brian de Palma prepares a film inspired by the Weinstein case

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The American filmmaker Brian de Palmaprepares a film about the "Weinstein case", this actor said in an interview with the French newspaper «Le Parisien».
filmmaker Brian de Palma

The American filmmaker, Brian de Palma, prepares a film about the “Weinstein case” and is in negotiations with a French producer to carry it out, he said in an interview with the French newspaper «Le Parisien».

“I am writing a film about this scandal and I am negotiating with a French producer,” said De Palma.

He added that “the character will not be named Harvey Weinstein” but “it will be a scary movie with a sexual aggressor and it will happen in the film industry.”

De Palma did not elaborate on this project based on multiple allegations of sexual assault against Weinstein, who is currently on bail and officially charged with rape and other criminal acts of a sexual nature.

An issue that will be the subject of other film adaptations, such as that carried out by the company Plan B, by Brad Pitt, responsible for “12 Years a Slave”, or the one that Anapurna Pictures intends to do, which is behind titles like “Zero Dark Thirty »Or« Phantom Thread ».

De Palma, who is in France to present his first novel, “Are Snakes Necessary?”, Written with Susan Lehman, and to attend a retrospective of his work at the Cinematheque in Paris, also referred to audiovisual platforms as Netflix.

The director of «The Untouchables» affirmed that he does not want to work for Netflix because he needs «the big screen» since he considers himself «a visual stylist».

And he was very critical of Hollywood, saying that “dinosaur movies and superheroes are only for children” and does not allow “making serious films.”

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