Exile of Miami opposes concert of reggaetonists who support the Cuban regime

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A group of Cuban exiles in Miami disagreed with the participation of cuban reggaetonists in a concert to celebrate the Day of the Independence of the US.

Through the different social platforms, a group of Cuban exiles in the city of Miami disagreed with the participation of Antillean reggaetonists in a concert organized by the authorities of Hialeah, and that it will be held to celebrate the Day of the Independence of the United States.

In recent days, it was announced through the Instagram account of the city of Hialeah the realization of the aforementioned concert scheduled for Thursday, July 4 and in which several reggaeton stars of Cuba will participate, such as Miss Dayana, El Micha and Jacob Forever.

The aforementioned event will take place in the Hialeah Park and, since its announcement, has caused great discomfort among some of the Cuban people living in Miami, as well as the different organizations of the Cuban exile, who label these artists as “pro-regime“».

Unase a la protesta el 25 de Junio a Las 6:30 p.m. contra la actuación de músicos comunistas en el Ayuntamiento de…

Posted by Maria Peiro on Thursday, June 13, 2019

In this sense, those who refuse the participation of the islanders in the concert for the Independence Day of the US have called a protest for next Tuesday June 25 in front of the facilities of the City of Hialeah, located in 501 Palm Ave, Hialeah, FL, 33010.

To invite the Antillean community in Miami to the demonstration, the organizers made a publication through Facebook in which they exhort: “We have to send a strong message to politicians who do not want communist rats in our cities. Look how they support Che. That is not culture. It’s indoctrination! “

The three urban musicians invited for this event planned by the authorities of Hialeah have been involved in situations in which they have openly supported leaders of the Cuban dictatorship and on other occasions they have preferred to remain silent and avoid talking about the harsh reality of Cuba .

Miss Dayana, for example, decided to withdraw from a televised program in Miami at the time she was asked about the situation in Cuba after the tragedy caused by Hurricane Irma; The Micha praised Fidel Castro in an interview he was given in Cuba and Jacob Forever posed for a photograph wearing a shirt that had the image of Che Guevara stamped after a concert in Miami.

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