A stowaway hiding in a plane crash in London’s garden

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A man, probably a stowaway, fell from a plane bound for London's Heathrow airport. His corpse caused a commotion in the Clapham.

Photo taken from BBC Mundo en espaƱol

A man, probably a stowaway, fell from a plane bound for London’s Heathrow airport. His corpse caused a commotion in the Clapham, southwestern London, where he was found.

Where a man was sunbathing, the victim fell on Sunday in the garden of a house. “At first I thought it was a vagabond sleeping in the garden,” he explained. “I looked more closely and saw that there was blood on all the walls of the garden,” he said. “I quickly understood that it had fallen.”

Furthemore, this witness explained that he saw his neighbor “shocked”. “He sunbathed and (the man) fell one meter away from him,” he said under anonymity.

According to the newspaperthe The Sun, the body fell with such force that it left a hole in the lawn and in a slab of the garden,

According to the neighbor, “one of the reasons why the body was intact is because it was like a block of ice.”

What do the authorities say about the stowaway?

The company Kenya Airways said that the police tracked the body to its flight from Nairobi to London. A backpack with water and food was discovered in the landing compartment of the plane after landing.

In addition, the airline considered the death “unfortunate” and said it was cooperating with the British and Kenyan authorities. Police said an autopsy would be conducted to determine the cause of death.

Hiding in the landing gear of an airplane is extremely dangerous. For that reason, approximately three-quarters of stowaways do not survive due to extreme cold and lack of oxygen when the aircraft reaches cruising altitude.

It is not the first time that a stowaway falls on the streets of London. In September 2012, a 30-year-old from Mozambique died when he fell from the landing gear of an airplane from Angola.

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